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Eco Bird Control Management

Protection against pest birds such as Pigeons / Mynas and Sparrows. Humane – Economical – Eco-Friendly and Durable methods of controlling these pests .Offer customizable systems according to the client requirements based on such parameters such as levels of infestation. Upward point spikes that prevent birds from landing or roosting on ledges.
“Blunt tips don’t hurt the birds”.


  • Birds settling on roofs or ledges.
  • Bird noises- continuous bird cries, especially from young chicks.
  • Bird nests- nesting materials strewn about your premises.
  • Damaged stock- from pecking and bird fouling.
  • Droppings- concentrated in areas where birds roost.
  • Debris from nests and feathers- may block guttering and drainage systems, potentially leading to damp damage.